The vision of GOLD'N BERG jewelry took form in 2013, two years after my graduation from the Shankar College of Design. I completed my BA. D in Jewelry Design and decided to start my own jewelry brand that lived up to all of my standards and didn’t conform or cut corners.

I can still remember a time when I walked along Fifth Ave. in New York City at the young age of 12 and window shopped, gazing at all of the golden shimmering wonders by Van Cleef, Tiffany’s, De Beers, and Bulgari. The desire to create fine, exquisite, desirable pieces of jewelry struck me as a young girl and has never left me since.

Throughout my years of fine art and design education I always had the urge to create beauty through ornamentation with a specific attention to color and shape. As I looked at a design I envisioned all of its dimensions from the front, back, and sides because they all hold meaning and power in the final product. My goal is to make you look your best, no matter what type of occasion you are dressing for. 
I create each piece of high quality jewelry from the finest materials using my unique creative vision, the great attention to detail and commitment to design. This is what makes these luxury jewelry truly stand out!

Jewelry should enrich our lives and fill every moment with joy, it makes your eyes shimmer and forces your heart to skip a beat. The sensuality and aura of beautiful jewelry makes every day count and special moments stand out.

Hagar Goldenberg.

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